The Annual MUST Tea Party and Food Festival

Everyone has different evaluations of his own hometown, but the same thing is the thick missed and love! Memory of hometown is like a melodious flute, always let us missing; And like a glistening white moonlight, always let people enchanted; Those people in hometown, those things, is the most beautiful melody, is the most charming in the moonlight. Of course the most profound memory, when the hometown folks hand made numerous food let people lick one’s chaps.

Picture 1

The Annual MUST Tea Party and Food Festival” was held on the fourth floor in factory at 14:00 PM on February 15, 2016. Employees of different cities brought their hometown local specialties for everyone to taste, all specialties food will be voted by each gourmet.

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In order to encourage everyone to actively participate in this event, below awards would be given to the Top Three specialties food voted by the gourmets:

1. NO 1 The Champion food reward 300-yuan gift;
2. NO 2 The Runner-up food reward 200-yuan gifts;
3. NO 3 The third winner food reward 100-yuan gifts.

Picture 3

This event offers opportunity not only to taste delicious specialties food, but also to enhance the affection between staffs. Below are some beautiful pictures from factory and office.