New Year 2017 Annual Party

On the March 25th 2017, MUST energy technology co., ltd held the 2017 Annual Party in Shenzhen Avant-Grade International Hotel.

We have invited our members, valued customers and the suppliers to this party, to summarize the past year 2016 and celebrate the coming of Year 2017.


Trophies and Prizes

MUST Company always appreciate our member’s efforts and supports for the company developing. Trophies and Prizes were prepared to reward our excellent employees, supervisors, best teams and suppliers. MUST need their support and effort to grow stronger and go international.

Old Chinese saying: 一分耕耘,一分收获。 Meaning:A lot of hard work initially but believe me it does pay off very well in the end.


Various Amazing shows are prepared for the Party

Dancing to the music, chanting poems in the neon light, and staging authenticity of our life. Thanks to all the performers and support crew for their long-term preparing and excellent, brilliant performance.


Chairmen Mr. Sam Wu was giving the inspiring speech

“Follow the trend, Ride on it. Grasp the opportunities, let’s building the dream for year 2021.”

Under Mr. Sam’s leadership, MUST committed to the development of clean energy, to provide ordinary people with affordable, high efficiency and clean electricity, as well to pursue happiness of all company staffs. Welcome to join Must in 2017, Join the Green solar energy. Join the brand and bright future.