Enjoying Sunshine in Maldives

Every Summer is MUST travelling season. One of the sales team travelled to Maldivesand had been enjoying the beautiful island scenery for 1 week.

Then let’s follow to have a great visual travel with MUST family.


Maldives is a republic country of South Asia, situated in the India Ocean. It consists of approximately 1190 coal islands. As the smallest Asian country in both population and land area with the total land area of 298 square kilometer and population of around 301,475. 99% of the Maldives is made of sea, which means we can enjoy beautiful sea scenery here and there.



Besides, the Maldives has a hot tropical climate and weather in here is generally warm and humid. Sun shines all year through. Sunshine means solar power to some extent. We can see many solar systems over the house roof. The number of solar users purchasing from MUST has been increasing.

Welcome to consult us for anything about solar. We will offer you our best solution and excellent quality of solar inverter, solar panel, solar battery……