Alibaba JinXiuQianCheng Training Project

On 28th, Feb 2016, this was a great honor for me that I can be one of the lucky one to participate in the Alibaba JinXiuQianCheng Training Project. MUST company always pays more attention to develop the sales’ business ability, team-work spirit and personal ethics.



The topic for this training is mainly about “ Dream, Insist on, Pay, Breakthrough” . Yes, everyone has a dream, then how to make it come true ? We need to insist on moving when we face the difficulties or in troubles, and need to work hard with sweat maybe blood , keep learning and improve ourselves, finally we can break through ourselves.


This is really wonderful training project, it teached us to take care of our parents and take more time to company them, also let us know the important of a team and how to build a strong team, also the skills to develop and mantain customers. We gained a lots from this traning not only in practical applications but also in spiritual motivation.


When I was little, my mother told me “ Nothing in the world is impossible, if you set your mind to do it” and “It’s never old to learn”. I always keep the words in my mind still now, also for the coming days, years.

Fordear colleagues, let’s work hard together to make all our dreams come ture, and realize the Win-Win with our MUST company. We can , We win!


For dear customers, we emphasize the high-quality staffs and the significance of studying, we MUST be the best choice for you, if you choose us, we never let you down!