2016 The Year of Monkey Annual Meeting

On the 26th March,2016 in Shenzhen Day hello International Hotel. Our MUST energy technology co.,LTD held Annual meeting.

At beginning,Our four beautiful and handsome host announced Annual meeting begin.


Our first performance is Traditional jubilant dance .The dance performed by our foreign sales team. The dance performance is so enthusiasm and very happy.


The second impressed dance is “Monkey”dance. Our colleagues performance is so nice. Act out Monkey’s Loveliness and naughty. When they finished Monkey dance. All colleagues are handclap and cheer. Every body love the performance.


In this Annual meeting,We invite our many international and domestic customer. Our Chairmen Mr.Wu accompany with them and enjoy the party.


In the middle of the Annual meeting, Our company Leader Prize-giving to who serve long time and make a great contribution to company.


At the end the Annual meeting,Our Chairmen inspire all colleague keep going,hard work and smart work for bright future! And thanks our dear customers and suppliers! Meanwhile all performancer photograph together for memory!


After Annual meeting,I have some thoughts. As our company first class culture and our Chairmen Mr.Wu have strong personality charming,all talent,agreesive,hardworking and responsibility guys flow into our company.Let our company be very strong and go to international.

Bless our company and every colleague have bright future and happy in life.

Welcome all customer and business partner visit our factory and cooperate with us!